About: DavidKhanie

I am born from the family of  Mr. and Mrs. Duniya D.Mallam from the southern part of Kaduna State in the North Western region of Nigeria. I started my early education in Okigwe and later Mbaino the eastern Part of Nigeria. But later left for Kaduna in the northern region to continue schooling because my family had to move due to the nature of my father’s occupation then. Few years later, my father was moved to Minna in Niger state and we had to follow suit. It was now in Minna that we finally settled where i was able to complete my schooling. I love to get involved in net-surfing and later in 2010 i fell in love blog reading, internet marketing tutorials and article reading.

Though i am not very vast in article writing but i am convinced that with hard-work, encouragement and perseverance very soon i will be putting down some of the most interesting write-ups on this site.

So i am soliciting for advice from professionals in areas i need to improve my articles and comments on ways to develop very fast. As it will not only improve me but will equally go a long way in giving out good and very rich content to my followers.


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