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4 Mothers

heart We hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!   With the holiday of the heart still fresh in our minds, and the not-coincidence that February is Heart Month, 4Mothers proposes to devote this week to heart wellness.

There are fewer well-known destination sites for heart health than the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and through them my niece is participating in a 4km swimathon to raise awareness and funds about keeping the heart healthy.  No doubt many similar efforts abound.

 But there are many roads to the Rome of the heart … good nutrition, exercise, staying socially connected, good old fashioned peace, and much more.  How do you nourish your heart and keep it (ie. yourself) healthy and strong?  We’ll talk about what we think about these things here this week.
We’re also pleased to welcome friend and guest blogger Amanda from Family Nature  to join our conversation, and hope you will too!

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