Book of Scrolls


Loneliness is when you are in a cave and your visibility is lower by the total darkness, you can hear the growls and the only emotion you can feel fear, utter nerve gripping fear, your sense of smell is heighten, perceiving the wet fur of ravaging dogs…WOLVES to be precise as they approach with deadly silence and precision, you are trapped, pinned to the wall, nowhere to run.

Can you be comforted by the very fact that you trained half of these wolves, about to pounce on you, after years of nurturing, training and affection? When they were hungry you provided food, when they were cold you shared you bed and blanket, when they were in danger you fought their enemies.

Is it delusion to believe that your role as a surrogate mother will be surpassed by their union with the other half of their pack that has been lost…

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