According to a New York City psychotherapist, one of those people who therapists you when you’re in need of being therapisted, the perfect age for a woman is 53. Which obviously is gonna make a lot of lounge lizards, both male and female, have some second thoughts about who they hit on, considering the perfect age for men is 47.woman2


The psychotherapist, Robi Ludwig, (no relation to Ludwig von Beethoven) conducted a survey of 2,242 women with the help of “Harris Interactive,” and came up with those age numbers for women and men.

You’ll notice they only interviewed women. WTF!

Ludwig tells “Yahoo’s Shine,” that, “This is really developmentally the time that women plug into themselves, (not with vibrators) and respect themselves, listen to their own voice, and develop their own voice, so it makes perfect sense that they would really feel good, because they’re doing that.”

The voices they…

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