4 Mothers

tape-403595_640No carbs.  No fat.  No sugar.  Obviously, no dairy.  Just soup.  Only lemons.  Detox.  Re-hydrate.  Smoothies.  Fibre.  Hormones.  Glycemic  index.  Blood type.  Mini-meals.  Snacks.  Organic.  Locavore.  Paleo.  Veggie.  Vegan.  Macro.  Nothing after 7 p.m.  Water.  No alcohol.  No caffeine.  Yes, caffeine.  Yes, alcohol.  Just a bit though.

Weigh it.  Count it.  Log it.

I sat down to write this post (climbing off of my proverbial soap box) with plans to lecture about the over-sexualization of women in our society, how the media portrays all women as slender, well-toned size twos, and that celebrities brag about being able to eat everything and not exercise and still be super-skinny (ahem, lying!) or else they extol the opposite and preach lifestyles that are simply unattainable to us mere mortals (ahem, Gwyneth!).

But you don’t need to read that.

You already know all of that.

We all know all of that.

This week’s theme…

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