The age-old question every man asks. Why do women cheat?

My first response to that question would be because the guy they’re married to, or dating, is a freakin’ low down idiot slug. However, once again I may be wrong. Which of course is very rare. Unless there’s a woman nearby, in which case, not only would “I” be wrong, but every man on the face of the earth as well.

Remember that old saying that goes something like, “If a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody around does it still make a sound?” Same thing. If a man is making a statement and there’s no woman around to correct him, is he wrong?” The obvious answer to that question is, yes.

So, rather than answer that age-old question about why women cheat, which I just did, and was probably wrong, I’ll defer to “Yahoo’s Shine” for the actual…

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