Ya know, I never considered that when one speaks of “tools of the trade,” that perhaps one is referring to the various tools used to perform ones trade if one is a hooker…….or, running, so to speak, an escort service.

But, apparently “tools of the trade” can mean any trade as long as there are tools and trade involved….I guess.

Now first of all, some of you may have said to yourselves, “OMG! There he, (Misfit) goes again writing stuff about sex, dildos and vibrators. WTF is wrong with this guy.”

I wish at this point in time to state that “I” Misfit, did NOT come up with this story on my own. Not that I wouldn’t have if I had been the one to find in on the web, but it wasn’t me. So there! I’m 100% innocent.halo

However, that said, it appears to me that some, or at…

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