Found a raft in the ocean of life. Sailing by...

You would have met bore.

I’m sure! I’m sure!

One who takes name for your toil.

Making your blood boil.

Such are credit taking creatures.

Our real mind hold treasures.

They can’t handle worldly pressures.

Hence their Karma get measures.

You would have met one.

People think they are fun,

Your face turns like a rotten bun.

You think of seeing the sun.

Will you always take them to the law,

Exposing their fatal flaw?

They may swing they paw.

And walk closed jaw.

You will be sharping your claws.

Your anger only thaws.

Oh! How the blood boils!

Gone are your toils!

Eeeeeew! I look at them in disgust.

Their voracious stealing lust.

Those who oppose basic Dharma,

Circles them their Karma!

© Reserved at Soumya R

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