Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Michael Jackson - Smooth CriminalOh, Michael Jackson, I would talk about my astonishment that this song didn’t crack the top 80 on The Top 88 of ’88, but since I can see into the future of January 31, 1988, I know that your music actually pretty much saturates this countdown, so if anything, this song is just the first shot across the bow, giving us a glimpse of all the Michael Jackson goodness to come.  If this one had been released earlier in the year, then yes, Michael Jackson, it would have been higher up on the list, but when it comes down to it, the rest of the artists should thank their lucky stars that you didn’t release 88 new songs in ’88, because if so, this list would have just been The Top 88 Michael Jackson Songs of ’88.

“Smooth Criminal”




As he came into the window

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