4 Mothers

einstein-645461_640Taking our cue from Ken Jennings, this week at 4 Mothers we are examining some myths and legends we pass on to our children.  So we have established that it is ok to eat raw cookie dough and that the Five Second Rule is totally true (even if we pretty much knew that it is gross to give kids food from the floor).  How, how do these rumors get started?!  I’ve spent how many years fretting over the dough?

Well, for this next one, look no further than Ripley’s Believe It or Not, if not for the origin of the rumor then for spreading it like wildfire.

My eldest celebrated his 12th birthday this weekend, and as we gathered with his friends around the fire to make the celebratory birthday s’mores, talk turned, as it often does, to Einstein.  (The kids are much occupied with end-of-year matters like exams…

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