Found a raft in the ocean of life. Sailing by...

Friends just happen

Not much of a sudden.

We may take things for granted.

Hurt gets implanted.

In the small things,

Big joy it brings.

In a good morning sms they send,

How our lips bend!

In a friendship band they tie,

Often we fail to try.

How they are always there

for us on things to bear.

Always giving a bright smile,

Making us think we’re versatile.

In theirloving hug.

We fail to feel the wonder drug.

Putting up with our shortcoming,

Letting us with away with  forgivings.

Table rap and choco balls.

Only tears flow like waterfalls.

Faint hopes of making it work again.

I still try hard and bargain.

© Reserved at Soumya R


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