4 Mothers

imgres-1So, this does not happen often because I am not an absolutist, and I totally respect that some parents want to practice attachment parenting and some parents want … not to.   (WTF?  What’s the opposite of attachment parenting?), But I’ve thought this over carefully and I am firmly of the opinion that every single family household must have a copy of this book.  Why?  Because I Said So!

I mean, there’s the whole co-sleeping debate, but this stuff is not only serious, it’s universal.  Case in point: The Five Second Rule.  Universal, right?  Every single last one of us has handed back to our children an item of food that has fallen on the floor and told them it’s ok to eat it, invoking The Five Second Rule.  And every single last one of us know it’s bullshit, but we do it anyway.  Well, you have Ken Jennings to thank…

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