The Why About This

You know the feeling I’m talking about

it reaches right up inside you and suddenly – everything – feels

incredibly wonderful. Just everything!




Isn’t it just about the best feeling ever!

Just imagine if we could capture it in a bottle.

Save it for those days where we need

to uncap the bottle of happiness and take a swig or two (or more).

Savor the taste, the flavor ~ inhale it, swallow in gulps.

Yes, that’s the happiness I’m talking about.




I have a few bottles I’ve been saving up

And it dawned on me that happiness is not

to be selfishly contained but spread around.

No more hoarding happiness for me.

When I think of  all the beautiful warm and loving

people that live on our planet I am happy.

When I breath in the fresh air (because I can) I’m happy.

When I witness…

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